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How it works

Easily add discounts and coupons

Give your pass holders discounts for being a part of your tribe.

Let members behind the scenes

Engage some of your greatest fans by letting them attend new product releases, speaker series or sampling products to give you feedback.

Offer partner perks to members

You can set up exclusive access to discounts at partner stores to make your pass even more valuable.

Attract customers with your membership area

Make it easy for customers to find, browse and buy your member packages. All you need to do is to decide on what you want to offer and customize it to fit brand with our set up tool.

Engage with brand experiences

Promote your passes by sending an email out to your customer base and automating an email with a link to your passes post purchase when they visit your store. This creates a new opportunity for you to add new value adds and touch points.

Retain with new benefits

Simply list new benefits to member holders to show them that they really are part of a community. Surprising them with new perks and events is an excellent way to spark word of mouth. You can even leverage your pass holders for feedback on what you should do as a brand.

Why it works so well

Converts customers into advocates
Incentivizes higher spending
Creates brand prestige

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Build your brand community

Create a new brand experience that rewards your biggest fans, attracts more repeat business and sparks new word of mouth to create a brand community.

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