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How it works

Add simple ticket add ons at checkout

Make the passes special add ons to their existing tickets by sending a special offer via email post purchase.

Integrate with your existing ticket provider

Scan the passes via your current ticketing set up through our ticking API integrations.

Issue digital collectibles seamlessly

Help fans capture the moments to prove that they were there so they can collect and share all their game memories.

Add rewards center to your website

Allow fans to easily choose which pass is most fitting and allow them to engage with your team in new ways.

Announce your passes to fans

Let fans know that there's some amazing experiences via email and social media so they can start participating. Send them an automated email after they buy a ticket and add a QR code on the big screen.

Create new fan touch points

Incentivize more attendance by offering rewards for attending, and offer special game benefits to maximize spend and engagement through your member area.

Why it works so well

Incentivize more game spend
Bring fans back to more games
Improve engagement across your ecosystem

Watch the demo


Empower your fans

Create an incredilby immersive sports loyatly system and maximize fan engagement and spend throughout the season. Best part is that you can test it today, just plug it into your website and start setting it up.

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