The ultimate community for

Member Communities

How it works

One easy place to engage your community

It all works together to offer a complete membership experience from ticketing, to digital events and partner perks.

Issue a special digital collectible

Allow your members to show off their pass and you can even give unique digital art to every member to tell your story and help them connnect.

Reengage your members by adding new benefits

Members can access special deals to make their membership more valuable. This sparks word of mouth and enables you to open up a new revenue channel from partners.

Add your membership area to your website

Showcase your membership area on your website and add your benefits.

Send out an email notify your community

Promote your membership and encourage customers to sign up. Simply link to your membership area using your email templates.

Add new offers to pass holders

Manage all your upcoming events and perks in one place. Here you can add partner discounts, tickets to get into certain spaces or events and any special events via zoom.

Why it works so well

Bring your community closer together
Attract more members and retain them for longer
Make new revenue through partner deals


Build the ultimate membership community

Make the most immersive membership experience that brings members together and makes them into your avocates to attract new members. It's easy just plug it into your website and use our simple admin to set it up.

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